Mark Timlin has written the following books and short stories.

Stay Another Day (2010) (Novel)
Guns Of Brixton (2010) (Novel)
101 best TV crime series – Bad guys, spies & private eyes (2010) (Non fiction)
The Lipstick Killers (2009) (Novel) (written as Lee Martin)
Write A Novel in 60 Days That Will Sell (2007) (Non fiction)
Gangsters Wives (2007) (Novel) (written as Lee Martin)
Chapter 6 (2006) (Chapter)
Answers from the grave (2004) (Novel)
Eye of the beholder (2003) (Short story)
That all be the day (2002) (Short story)
Dog life (2001) (Short story)
All the empty places (2000) (Novel)
Road rats and dodgy boilers (2000) (Short story)
I spied a pale horse (1999) (Novel)
When Jesse didn’t call (1999) (Short story)
Quick before they catch us (1999) (Novel)
Dead flowers (1998) (Novel)
Everybody needs somebody to love (1997) (Short story)
A street that rhymed at 3am (1997) (Novel)
That Saturday (1996) (Novel) (written as Martin Milk)
Sharman and other filth (1996) (Novel)
Where the wild roses grow (1996) (Short story)
Wonderboy (1996) (Short story)
Find my way home (1996) (Novel)
Nowhere to run (1996) (Short story)
Paint it black (1995) (Novel)
Don’t Fear The Reaper (1995) (Short story)
By Henden Station I Sat Down And Wept (1995) (Short story)
Blue on blue (1995) (Novel) (Written as Tony Williams)
The torturer (1995) (Novel)
Champagne sister (1994) (Novel) (Written as Johnny Angelo)
Groupies 2 (1994) (Novel) (Written as Johnny Angelo)
What Katy Dunn did (1994) (Novel) (Written as Johnny Angelo)
Pretend were dead (1994) (Novel)
Filth (1994) (Novel)
Valin’s radiers (1994) (Novel) (Written as Tony Williams)
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (1994) (Short story)
What are they doing in the hyacinth house (1994) (Short story)
Midnight at the lost and found (1994) (Short story)
Victoria (1994) (Short story)
Falls the shadow (1993) (Novel)
Ashes by now (1993) (Novel)
Groupies (1993) (Novel) (Written as Johnny Angelo)
Sweetheart Of The Rodeo (1993) (Short story)
Night Moves (1993) (Short story)
The downfall of Danielle (1993) (Novel) (Written as Johnny Angelo)
Riders on the storm (1992) (Short story)
Ai No Corrida (1992) (Short story)
Hearts of stone (1992) (Novel)
Zip gun boogie (1992) (Novel)
Too Late Blues (1991) (Short story)
The turnaround (1991) (Novel)
Take the a-train (1991) (Novel)
Mark Timlin on Harry Angel (1991) (Short story)
Gun street girl (1990) (Novel)
Romeo’s tune (1990) (Novel)
A good year for the roses (1988) (Novel)