Dead flowers

Dead flowers by Mark Timlin - 1st edition

Book title: Dead flowers

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Hardback

ISBN 0-575-06508-7

Publisher: VG

Also available in paperback

The book starts with Sharman saying bye to Judith at the airport. As you may remember at the end of A Street That Rhymed At 3AM she saved his life by shooting Tootsie. Nick is now worried say may not to see him anymore because of it. To let her see that he is getting his act together, he decides to take a job tracking done the missing wife of a lottery winner.

Now I remember the last time that amount of money was in a Sharman book (Find My Way Home) and that one didn’t work out to well for all concerned. The wife is hanging round with Chris Grant, someone in the pub game on the Old Kent Road. So Nick goes looking and his tackle is soon threatened by a pair of bolt cutters, at the hands of a psychotic adult baby. Throughout the book Nick is rescued by two sisters with matching Suzuki Vitara’s, who seem to have fortune telling powers. They keep having visions one being a bunch of dead flowers.

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Alternative editions

Dead flowers by Mark Timlin - 2nd edition paperback