Gun street girl

Gun Street Girl by Mark Timlin - 1st editionBook title: Gun street girl

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Paperback

ISBN 0-747-23509-0

Publisher: Headline

After getting away with the chaos last time, Sharman does some shopping. I think it’s mentioned in one of the other books about shops being great pick up joints, and that is exactly what happens. Sharman meets an attractive young woman, who is stealing cuff links. As Sharman gets excited by her shoplifting antics, he warns her she is about to get caught. Before he knows it Nick is being hired by the shoplifter to protect her illegitimate daughter and to save the Pike media empire with two guns and a smart suit.

Sharman gets flashed at a party by a page 3 girl called Fiona and Endersleigh makes his first appearance of three in the books (Take The A-Train and Hearts of Stone).

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