Find my way home

Find my way home by Mark Timlin - 1st edition

Book title: The Turnaround

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Hardback

ISBN 0-747-23803-0

Publisher: VG

Also available in paperback

Harry Stonehouse, an ex colleague and friend to Sharman turns up murdered in bits (well most of the bits turn up) all over London. Harry’s wife Nancy hires Sharman to find out what happened to Harry the year before he was dissected. As Nick had been screwing her every way possible behind Harry’s back, he feels guilty and decides to help. He doesn’t get far (with the case and not Nancy), until Robber (The Turnaround, Paint It Black, Ashes By Now) turns up with the information that Harry was murdered due to his involvement in a £20 million robbery.
Robber wants a slice and the two of them try to track down the cash and Harry’s killers. So then it goes tits up. Bent coppers, a biker gang and the murderers all want the cash and will go to any length to get it (including buying more bin liners). Watch out for a nice party piece with a handgun from Robber and the finale would make Steve McQueen shit himself (maybe).

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Alternative editions

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