A street that rhymed at 3am

A street that rhymed at 3am by Mark Timlin - 1st editionBook title: A street that rhymed at 3am

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Hardback

ISBN 0-575-06405-6

Publisher: VG

Also available in paperback

It’s Christmas in Tulse Hill, and everywhere for the matter. Sharman’s yule time is soon torn apart with the news that Laura and her new family have been killed in a plane chrash, Judith had to stay behind and was to get a later plane. Sharman is hired to be a minder for an American drug dealer; well he is once he finds out those responsible for the bombing of Laura’s plane were trying to kill the drug dealer. With the aid of some American coppers they protect the scumbag, for about five minutes until they go to the hotel car park and are shot.

This leaves Nick wanted for murder and wanting revenge. He has to take shelter and blags his way into staying with Darkman (Paint It Black). Now this being a Sharman book means a high death toll, so of course there is another Yardie gang who have the drug dealer as hostage.

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Alternative editions

A street that rhymed at 3am by Mark Timlin - 2nd edition paperback