The turnaround

The Turnaround by Mark Timlin - 1st edition

Book title: The Turnaround

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Paperback

ISBN 0-747-23803-0

Publisher: Headline

Sharman is hired to find out who murdered James Webb’s sister, her husband and their two young children. Surprisingly the police have had no luck. He agrees to the job, although he does not want it, until Wanda (the catwomen; Romeo’s Tune and Take The A-Train) is dying and convinces him to bring the killers to justice. While this is going on, he also has to babysit Judith.
He meets a Detective Inspector Robber, who gives him some info on the case no motives or theories. He does however manage to smoke 20 a day without buying a packet (a skill I never managed as a smoker). Fiona is back in this one, with a nice proposition for Nick as she wants him to quit the detective business. Which is fair enough after Fiona and Judith are kidnapped by the shotgun-toting villains.

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