Pretend we’re dead

Pretend we're dead by Mark Timlin

Book title: Pretend we’re dead

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Hardback

ISBN 0-575-05826-9

Publisher: VG

Also available in paperback

This is the third of the rock and roll cases. The book starts with Nick and Dawn’s wedding, which goes fine until the drinking starts at the reception. After the honeymoon Nick is hired by Chris Kennedy-Sloane to do a job for Lifetime Records for £1,000 a day. The mission should Nick choose to accept it, is to find out if an old time pop star who allegedly died of an overdose is infact alive and kicking. It seems that someone with the same handwriting has written a letter claiming to be him and want his unpaid royalties. So Nick with Dawn in tow start searching for clues and try to discover if anything suspicious had indeed happened. Of course something is amuck and the bullets start flying. The film Velvet Goldmine had a very similar plot to this book, without the shootouts.

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Alternative editions

Pretend we're dead by Mark Timlin - 2nd edition paperback