Zip Gun Boogie

Zip Gun Boogie by Mark Timlin - 1st edition

Book title: Zip Gun Boogie

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Paperback

ISBN 0-747-23702-6

Publisher: Headline

It’s time for another rock and roll case. American rock gods Pandora’s Box are cutting their new album in London but someone has wiped the tapes and one of the band is in hospital after an OD. Enter Sharman, who has been volunteered by Chris Kennedy-Sloane to solve the mess. Before Nick knows it, he is dating the lead singer Ninotchka; which is a weeks work in itself. He is being very well paid and the hotel is well stocked with beer so he is happy there, but lets not forget there is still a madman on the loose. So what does Nick do, he takes Ninotchka to a bondage club in Soho. As the bodies start mounting up, a suspect is found but is it the right person?

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Alternative editions

Zip Gun Boogie by Mark Timlin - German edition