A good year for the roses

A good year for the roses by Mark Timlin - 1st edition

Book title: A good year for the roses

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Paperback

ISBN 0-552-13334-5

Publisher: Corgi

The first book to feature the intrepid private eye Nick Sharman starts with the grand opening of his office, no money was spared on the PR, just a small ad in the local paper which brings in trouble in the form of George Bright. Sharman is hired to find teenage runaway Patsy Bright, after an examination of her room Nick finds dope and expensive undies so something as it turns out is clearly rotten in the state of Denmark. As the dead bodies increase and his E-Type Jag is smashed up, Nick decides to get tooled up with a nice new hat and try to clear himself of the murders he is wanted for.

We get to hear a little of Sharman’s past (why he was booted of the police force) and are introduced to the copper who shot him in the foot, a wound that is mentioned in most of the books (I won’t bore you with which ones). He also meets up with a face from the past Emerald Watkins (also featured in Take The A-Train), and a hooker called Teresa. Nick’s daughter Judith is also introduced, as is his ex-wife Laura and her new husband, the dipstick dentist, Louis.

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