Quick before they catch us

Quick before they catch us - 1st edition

Book title: The Turnaround

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Hardback

ISBN 1-901-98267-X

Publisher: No Exit Press

Also available in paperback and large print

Sharman is hired in an Indian restaurant to locate a teenage runaway and her criminal boyfriend. The story takes Sharman up to Manchester and Nick (like Jack Carter) soon finds that it’s grim up north. Sharman has to escape from an Indian restaurant again (check out Take The A-Train) and ends up in a shoot out (check out any of the books), no surprises there then. In between he decides to change sides which leads to the shoot out in a cottage to which the blurb likens to Straw Dogs.
The books have started to get shorter now but the cracks are still wise and the guns are still smoking so who cares as long as they’re here. Sharman’s female this time is Melanie who he met briefly and discussed old films with back in Dead Flowers (but, how long will she last).

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Alternative editions

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