Foreign editions

At present there are foreign translations of some of Mark Timlin’s books in German, French, and Japanese.


There are six German editions available at present. Isn’t the artwork fab? It was designed by Henning Wagenbreth, a German artist no less.

Zip gun boogie German coverThe turnaround German coverRomeo's tune German cover

Good year for the roses German coverFind my way home German coverAshes by now German cover

Pictures courtesy of Rotbuch Verlag

The first thing we notice is that the books aren’t in order so the Germans are missing some great titles, hopefully this will be soon remedied.

The books (with the exception of  ‘the turnaround’) were translated by Ulrich Hoffman. Ulrich explains the process:

“Mark Timlin is more or less the easiest translation I’ve ever done. He uses relatively short sentences, not very much slang, and so actually all I do is kick back, take my dictaphone, read with the original in hand, have the German version typed, make about ten corrections per page (which is not very much – with a complicated book, or just one you don’t feel that close to, it’s more around a hundred or more corrections per page), and that’s it. I try to deliver a book that would be what Timlin would have written if he where a German author. I always enjoyed it, and I am a bit disturbed because it looks like the German publisher has all but abandoned Mark Timlin. I hope not!”

Five of the German translations are now available as ebooks:

Die verlorene Tochter: Nick Sharman ermittelt in London (German Edition)

Schnee von gestern: Nick Sharman ermittelt in London (German Edition)

Schwanengesang: Nick Sharman ermittelt in London (German Edition)

Schnee und Rosen: Nick Sharman ermittelt in London (German Edition)

Shooting Stars: Nick Sharman ermittelt in London (German Edition)



A good year for roses, the first Sharman novel, was released in France in 1991. Sadly no more were released over there. It’s a real shame about the cover.

 Good year for the roses French cover


Paint it black was realised in Japan in 2002.

Paint it black Japanese cover