All the empty places

All the empty places by Mark Timlin - 1st edition

Book title: All the empty places

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Hardback

ISBN 1-901-98288-2

Publisher: No Exit Press

Also available in paperback

Blood is the first word of this baby so you know what to expect. It is written in two parts, but the only match of two halves it resembles is the one in Escape to Victory due to the tunnel (I am jumping the gun now, so back to the tunnel in a mo). One morning Sharman does his shopping and meets Sheila (the only birds I meet whilst shopping are security guards). So before they know it they are in love and having a great time.

There not the only ones, Judith comes done to visit with her boyfriend, they go out for a meal which ends in disaster. Now Sheila’s has a possessive ex-jailbird ex-boyfriend who hates Sheila dating. With this thought aside, Sheila and Sharman are joined at the hip, until one night when Nick does a job. The next morning he discovers Sheila has been murdered. Before her death Sheila gave Nick an envelope which he promised not to open.

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