Romeo’s tune

Romeo's Tune by Mark Timlin 1st edition

Book title:¬†Romeo’s tune

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Paperback

ISBN 0-747-23411-6

Publisher: Headline

The second novel, which in my opinion is better than the first starts with Sharman doing a favour for Charlie (his mechanic friend). Which leads to Nick meeting and being shot at by Mark McBain, an agoraphobic rock and roll star from the past. Whom he eventually does a quick job for. He then meets the love his life (after Teresa has left him) and then the shit hits the fan. The leads to kitten’s for both Nick and Cat, drugs, shoot outs, bar fights, gun toting grannies, the Mafia, whores, and a helicopter.
In this story we meet Wanda the cat woman, who looks after Nick’s cats. Sharman’s brother is also mentioned, more about him can be found in the short story By Henden Central Station I Sat And Wept in Sharman And Other Filth. This is the first of the Rock and Roll cases, which as Mark Timlin used to be in the music industry seemed inevitable.

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Alternative editions

Romeo's Tune by Mark Timlin German edition

Romeo's Tune by Mark Timlin German edition