Ashes by now

Ashes by now by Mark Timlin - 1st editionBook title: Ashes by now

Author: Mark Timlin

Type: Hardback

ISBN 0-575-05640-1

Publisher: VG

Also available in paperback and audio cassette

This book starts with Nick coming home from a night out with two exotic dancers Sandi and Mandi (AKA Tracey and Dawn), which was fun for him until he gets a phone call from the past that ruins everything. Sailor Grant has just been released from prison, doing hard time for a crime he didn’t commit.

So with a little help from his friends Charlie, Chas and Monkey (a burglar, who can break into anything), Sharman must shed the truth about the events from his past. In my opinion this one of the best books and would have made a great episode of the tv series. This book is also available on an audio cassette read by Keith Allen.

A police officers daughter had been found raped and murdered. Someone had to be found, so Sailor Grant the local nonce was sent down. Sharman always had his doubts, but that part of his life is over. Sailor keeps phoning and wants Sharman to help get justice, Nick tells him to leave him alone. The next day Sailor is dead and has left Sharman a note. The coppers Millar and Collier invite him to read the note, and then they beat him half to death. In hospital Nick realises that he must solve it before those close to him are killed.

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Alternative editions

Ashes by now by Mark Timlin - 2nd editionAshes by now by Mark Timlib - 3rd edition paperbackAshes by now  by Mark Timlin - German editionAshes by now by Mark Timlin - audio cassette