Hearts of stone

Clive Owen in Hearts of Stone

Director – Robert Bierman

Writer – Paul Abbott

Stars – Clive Owen, Keith Allen, Roberta Taylor, John Salthouse, Julie Graham, Grant Masters

The script of this episode is the closest to the book. It starts with Sharman sorting out a couple of debt collectors for his mate JJ, these chancers only had the nerve to threaten to smash up a Wurlitzer juke box (which in my opinion is a hanging offence). Before Nick can wash the next morning he has been kidnapped by the drugs squad and framed for murder. This section however are not playing strictly by the book, the targets have murdered two of their team, so they are more freelance than the local bobby on the beat.

With the murders on Nick’s back he has unwillingly became their latest recruit. The faces they are after drink in JJ’s bar and have a fancy for nice cars. The drugs squad fix Sharman up with a Lotus (alright for some when I used to deliver charity mags, I didn’t even get a trolley), which gets the targets’ juices flowing. Before he knows it, Nick is snorting and drinking and whoring like its gone out of fashion.

Hearts of Stone

But of course there work to be done, and the plan is bound to be ruined by one or five double crosses (it wouldn’t be Sharman without it). Nick starts seeing a whore named Kylie who is not everything she seems, but then who is in this world.

This story sees Nick walking around casinos, which is a always a great set for anything dodgy. JJ’s bar is alright aswell, anyone know the location?

The cast is spot on, Keith Allen has never been better as Brady (a different kind of bent copper). The bloke who plays JJ has turned up in the Lock Stock show, as has the fella who plays Lasky.


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