Mark Timlin’s Nick Sharman novels republished

Mark Timlin’s back catalogue of Nick Sharman books are in now the process of being republished by the No Exit Press in both paper and ebook formats.

This is exciting news as many of the earlier titles are becoming increasingly difficult to find outside of second hand shops and well known auction websites.

The first four titles are available to download as ebooks now.


A Good Year for the Roses (Nick Sharman 1), is available in print now and Romeo’s Tune (Nick Sharman 2) is being released on 21 August 2013.

Find more No Exit Press forthcoming titles.

A good year for the roses by Mark Timlin republished

A good year for the roses, the first Nick Sharman novel, by Mark Timlin is being republished by No Exit and is available for pre order now.

Pre order a good year for the roses by Mark Timlin

Songs that inspired the titles of Nick Sharman books

As you are probably aware all of the titles of the Nick Sharman books (with the exception of Falls the Shadow) came from songs. Thanks to the magic of the internet and in particular the music streaming service Spotify you can listen to some of the songs below.

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Sharman – The complete series on DVD

Excuse the plug but finally, after almost 15 years since being aired, Sharman the complete series is coming out on DVD. The show is based on my Nick Sharman novels and stars Clive Owen as Sharman.

Sharman DVD cover

Buy Sharman – The Complete Series starring Clive Owen on DVD

For more info on the series check out the Sharman website.

All about me

Last time I warned you this was going to be all about me. And mostly it is. Because, all of a sudden all sorts of things are happening. First off, after quite a long break, I’ve got two new books coming out. Well, one is new, and the other is sort of new.

So, just like they used to say about the number Eleven bus. “You wait for ages for one, and then two come along together.” Read More