Sharman – The complete series on DVD

Excuse the plug but finally, after almost 15 years since being aired, Sharman the complete series is coming out on DVD. The show is based on my Nick Sharman novels and stars Clive Owen as Sharman.

Sharman DVD cover

Buy Sharman – The Complete Series starring Clive Owen on DVD

For more info on the series check out the Sharman website.


  1. Richard Neal says:

    I’ve ordered this through Amazon. I haven’t seen this since it first aired, apart from The Turnaround which was released on VHS back in the day. I seem to recall it, naturally, being a bit lightweight compared to the excellent novels that the stories were based on, but the shows still got into trouble for drug taking etc. That sort of stuff happens on Eastenders now I reckon ;o)

  2. Adam Pedersen says:

    About time too… Some great stories translated onto screen – The Turnaround my favourite on tv, but Hearts of Stone a cracker too. Still the best Sharman story by far is A Good Year for The Roses – nice to see Ray Winstone there too…!! Can’t wait to get my copy of this…

  3. Terrill Lankford says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting a long time to see this over here on the wrong side of the pond.

  4. gary dobbs says:

    Man, I’m glad this is finally out. Got to get it.

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