Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) available on audio CD and download

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), a short story by Mark Timlin is now available on audio cd and download.

The short story was originally published in London Noir (Mask Noir) back in 1994. It was also part of the Sharman and other filth short story collection.

Private eye Nick Sharman is hired to find a teenager runaway from Manchester thought to be on the streets of London.

Christmas (baby please come home) audio book cover

All about me

Last time I warned you this was going to be all about me. And mostly it is. Because, all of a sudden all sorts of things are happening. First off, after quite a long break, I’ve got two new books coming out. Well, one is new, and the other is sort of new.

So, just like they used to say about the number Eleven bus. “You wait for ages for one, and then two come along together.” Read More