Guns of Brixton eBook now available for Kindle at 89p

The Kindle eBook edition of Guns of Brixton by Mark Timlin is now 89p on Read More

Number one

Bit of a strange old weekend just gone. Boiling hot, and finally the flowers on my balcony have decided to get into the act, after hiding in the dirt all spring away from the freezing cold. Went out to lunch on Saturday down at the Wapping Project which really is a fine restaurant. Then on Sunday I actually watched a bit of a football match. Never thought I would, but sitting on the previously mentioned balcony with a glass of celebratory champagne (More about that later) the whole of the Island had their windows open and all I could hear were shouts and moans, so I switched on the box and watched it through the windows. Blimey, no wonder we lost. It was like watching ballet dancers vs donkeys.

Hello again

Did you miss me, yeah, while I was away? as Gary Glitter once famously said, though we mustn’t mention his name these days, must we.

When did you last hear a GG record on the radio? A long time. He’s been pretty well airbrushed out of history, whilst some people get away with it. Funny old world. All I can say is that I really liked his first album and played it constantly, alternated with Astral Weeks. But I was pretty well zonked out most of the time back in those days. Read More

All about me

Last time I warned you this was going to be all about me. And mostly it is. Because, all of a sudden all sorts of things are happening. First off, after quite a long break, I’ve got two new books coming out. Well, one is new, and the other is sort of new.

So, just like they used to say about the number Eleven bus. “You wait for ages for one, and then two come along together.” Read More