Hello again

Did you miss me, yeah, while I was away? as Gary Glitter once famously said, though we mustn’t mention his name these days, must we.

When did you last hear a GG record on the radio? A long time. He’s been pretty well airbrushed out of history, whilst some people get away with it. Funny old world. All I can say is that I really liked his first album and played it constantly, alternated with Astral Weeks. But I was pretty well zonked out most of the time back in those days.

So why the gap? Domestic troubles I’m afraid. “In every dream home a heartache” as the song goes. And also I was putting the (almost) finishing touches to 101 Great Crime Series, which is at the typesetters now, so I’m having a bit of a holiday. When I say finishing touches, there’s so many new crime series about, that book will never really be done. Best so far by a mile – Luther. And tonight another brand new one Father & Son.

It’s my birthday next week. Closer to seventy than sixty now. Who’d’ve guessed it? I never though I’d make old bones, and now I have. So what’s next? I keep saying I’m going to pack this rubbish in, (But it’s the kind of rubbish that makes you rich or keeps you poor) but there’s a novel I half finished then dumped because it was garbage, so maybe I’ll go back to that for another go. Or maybe there’ll be a sequel to Guns Of Brixton. Who knows?

Reading wise, it’s back to Mark Billingham’s latest, and I’ve just finished (In one day, it’s that good) Peter Robinson’s Bad Boy.

Musically, I’m having a Danny & The Juniors and Johnny & The Hurricanes revival.

The hits keep on happening


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  1. gary dobbs says:

    I’ve heard Gary Glitter is to be the next Doctor Who. His assistants will be K9 and Sue 12

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