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Clive Owen as Nick Sharman, in Sharman.Whilst Clive Owen was staring in the West End Play ‘A Day in the Death of Joe Egg’ in 2001, I managed to ask him a few questions on the TV series Sharman, which he starred in.

What attracted you to the role of Nick Sharman?

I read a couple of books and really liked them. My agent had read one and bought the rights thinking it would be good for me. I agreed.

What research did you do for the role?

I’m not the sort of actor who immerses themselves into a world for months prior to shooting. I make sure I know what I’m saying and doing and then the rest is instinct.

You mentioned that you liked the books, which one was your favourite?

The Turnaround – probably because it was the first one I read.

Are their any similarities between you and Sharman?

Probably – but I’m not letting on what they are!

Do you have any on set stories you can share?

No, too long ago.

What was your overall opinion of the series and do you think it did the books justice?

No I don’t. Television is now more censored than it was thirty years ago. To do the books justice you need to make a movie – where there would be less censorship.

Would you reprise the role?

Yes, for a movie.

What sort of feedback have you received about the series from fans?

People seemed to really like it.

I mentioned there was a problem with the Daily Mail, basically they targeted Sharman after the Dunblaine incident mainly because of the gun and drug content, do you have any views on this?

There was a television phase for a while ‘post Dunblaine’ – meaning everything changed after that incident- certainly regarding the use of guns on tv. I think the Sharman books are like Chandler – its heightened realism – do we object to Bogart wielding a gun?

The series had a very strong cast, why do you think it attracted so much talent?

Good stories always attract good actors.

Every interview/article I have read recently fails to mention Sharman when they discuss your work is there a reason for this?

Probably because they shifted the transmission time when it was aired which must have affected people’s perception of it. It made less of a punchy impression.

What attracted you to acting?

Always wanted to do it – can’t tell you why.

Who are your major influences?

None really.

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