As promised…..

As promised here’s a review I prepared earlier.

I’ve been reading and collecting Robert Crais’s novels since the only way to get them was on import from the USA. Met him too a few times. Young, handsome, thick black hair, tanned, living in Los Angeles with a beautiful wife and a great car, Not exactly broke either from what I can gather. Why don’t I hate the man? It must be beacaue I love his books so much. And that goes double for his latest: The First Rule published by Orion next week (Hardback £12.99).

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Blog No.1

I once said to my nearest and dearest, if I ever decide to write a Blog – shoot me.

Luckily there’s no gun available, so here I am.

The reason I’m doing it is simple. Last year I fell foul of reader’s block, and took a long holiday from my regular(ish) column in The Independent On Sunday. I’d been reviewing crime for fifteen years, and I was bored stiff. But around last Christmas I started reading crime novels again, and I went to Katy Guest at the IOS and she asked me to submit some reviews, which I did, and had my first one published a couple of weeks ago, and maybe I’ll get a column again. Who knows?

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